Where to Buy Quality Hardwood Stair Treads

For exceptional hardwood stair treads, consider Red Oak and White Oak options with diverse finishes. Red Oak treads have varied lengths and customization choices, while White Oak pieces start at $42.42, with discounts up to 64%. Remarkable testimonials from Maria G. and Ralph R. emphasize quality and durability. These stair treads, crafted from over 31 wood species, cater to homes across the US and beyond. Swift shipments for popular items and thorough installation instructions add to the appeal. Explore more wood species for unique staircase enhancements. Discover further details to make informed decisions about enhancing your stairs.

Red Oak Stair Treads

You can find a variety of Red Oak stair steps in various sizes and finishes at The Hardwood Lumber Company. Red Oak is a popular choice for hardwood stair steps due to its durability and timeless appearance.

These stair steps come in lengths ranging from 36 to 120 inches, accommodating different staircase dimensions. The high-quality Red Oak timber used guarantees a strong and long-lasting product for your home.

Customization options for the stair steps include various nosing styles like bullnose, square edge, and eased edge, allowing you to match the steps to your staircase design. Whether you prefer a natural wood finish or a prefinished option with protective coatings, The Hardwood Lumber Company offers cost-effective Red Oak stair steps to meet your requirements.

When seeking dependable and fashionable hardwood stair steps, Red Oak stands out among the wood varieties available, offering both practicality and beauty for your staircase.

White Oak Stair Treads

White Oak stair treads, available in various dimensions and finishes, offer a durable and stylish option for your staircase needs.

These quality stair treads come in dimensions of 1' thick x 11-1/2' wide, with length options ranging from 36' to 60'. Starting at $42.42 per piece, White Oak stair treads provide a premium choice for your home.

You can also take advantage of discounts of up to 64% on selected treads, making them a cost-effective solution for your staircase renovation.

Whether you prefer a prefinished look or want to add your own finish, both prefinished and unfinished White Oak stair treads are available to suit your preferences.

With their sturdy construction and attractive appearance, White Oak stair treads are a reliable option that combines elegance with durability, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your staircase.

Stair Tread Specials

Explore the latest deals on selected Red Oak and White Oak stair treads with special pricing available now.

Whether you're looking for Red Oak or White Oak stair treads, there are discounts of up to 64% on White Oak treads and 23% on Red Oak treads. These special prices extend to various options including Retro-Fit Stair, Traditional Stair, and Left/Right Return Stair treads, offering you a range of choices for your staircase needs.

You can opt for prefinished or unfinished treads based on your preferences, allowing for customization to suit your home decor style. Take advantage of these savings to enhance the look of your staircase with high-quality Oak stair treads.

With the special pricing currently available, upgrading your staircase with durable and beautiful wood species like Red Oak and White Oak has never been more affordable.

Customer Testimonials and Services

Amidst a chorus of satisfied voices, Maria G. stands out as a demonstration of the exceptional quality and customer service provided by the hardwood stair treads company, Wood Stair Parts. Maria's praise echoes the sentiments of many others who've experienced the durability and elegance of these hardwood stair treads.

Ralph R., for example, shared that even after over 10 years, his treads still look brand new, showcasing their long-lasting quality.

Wood Stair Parts offers stair treads crafted from premium grade lumber in a wide range of over 31 different wood species, providing customers with ample choices to suit their preferences. These treads can be purchased unfinished for a personalized touch or prefinished with a clear top coat for added convenience.

With installations in homes across the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, these hardwood stair treads have garnered a reputation for excellence and reliability, making them a popular choice among homeowners seeking both quality and style.

Product Details and Information

Discover the diverse range of premium hardwood stair treads available in over 31 different wood species at Wood Stair Parts. These treads come in standard dimensions of 1' thick by 11 1/2' wide, with various length options to suit your staircase needs.

To assist you in the installation process, detailed instructions are provided for seamless integration of the treads into your home.

If you're in a hurry, Quick Ship items are available for the best-selling products, ensuring rapid delivery to your doorstep.

Additionally, a helpful guide comparing Red Oak vs. White Oak stair treads is offered, empowering you to make informed decisions based on your preferences and requirements.

With a wide selection of wood species, clear installation instructions, and the convenience of Quick Ship items, Wood Stair Parts aims to provide you with top-quality hardwood stair treads tailored to your specific needs.

Special Pricing on Selected Treads

Take advantage of discounted prices on selected hardwood stair treads, including popular options like Red Oak and White Oak. You can enjoy special pricing on specific treads such as the White Oak Traditional Stair Treads, with discounts of up to 64% available.

Both Red Oak and White Oak Retro and Traditional treads are offered at special prices, catering to your preference. These discounted treads come in various lengths, ranging from 36 inches to 60 inches, providing flexibility for different staircase dimensions.

Additionally, customers can benefit from special pricing on left and right return treads, available in a variety of wood species. Whether you're looking to enhance the appearance of your stairs or replace worn treads, these special pricing options on selected Red Oak and White Oak treads can help you achieve your desired look while saving you money.

Additional Information

Looking for more details on the hardwood stair treads available? The Hardwood Lumber Company has been providing a wide range of standard and custom hardwood stair treads since 1958.

When it comes to wood species, you have choices like Oak (white and red), Maple, Walnut, and over 45 other selections to suit your preferences.

Customization is crucial, allowing you to tailor the size, finish, and texture of your stair treads to your liking. If you enjoy personalizing your projects, you can order the stair parts unfinished, giving you the freedom to add your unique touch with various finishing options.

Rest assured, with quality construction, these hardwood stair treads aren't only durable but also guarantee safety while enhancing the overall look of your staircase.

Whether you're looking for a specific wood species, seeking customization options, or prefer unfinished stair parts for your project, the Hardwood Lumber Company has you covered.

Custom Stair Parts

Explore the diverse selection of custom stair parts offered by The Hardwood Lumber Company to elevate your staircase with personalized touches and quality craftsmanship.

Choose from over 45 different wood species for your custom stair parts, ranging from common options like Oak and Maple to exotic hardwoods like Acacia and Purpleheart. These custom stair parts can be ordered unfinished, allowing for personalization in size, finish, and texture to suit your preferences perfectly.

To further tailor your staircase solutions, utilize the Custom Stair Treads Form provided by The Hardwood Lumber Company. This form caters to unique needs, whether you require simple tread replacements or are building entirely new stairs.

Investing in quality custom stair parts not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also adds value to your property. With the ability to customize every aspect of your stair parts, you can create a staircase that reflects your style and elevates the overall look and feel of your living space.

Wood Species for Stair Parts

Discover a wide array of wood species available for stair parts, ranging from common options like Oak and Maple to exotic hardwoods such as Acacia and Purpleheart, offered by The Hardwood Lumber Company.

When selecting the right wood species for your stair parts, consider the aesthetic you want to achieve and the level of durability required. Oak, both white and red, is a popular choice known for its strength and classic appearance. Maple offers a smooth texture and can be stained to various shades, while Walnut provides a rich, dark color for a luxurious feel.

If you're looking for something unique, consider exotic hardwoods like Acacia, Black Limba, or Canarywood, each offering distinct grain patterns and colors. The Hardwood Lumber Company boasts a wide selection of over 45 different wood species and varieties, allowing for customization to match your home's style perfectly.

Enhance the beauty of your staircase by choosing the wood species that best complements your design vision.


When looking to buy quality hardwood stair treads, consider the options available such as red oak and white oak. Customer testimonials and special pricing can help guide your decision, while custom stair parts offer a personalized touch.

With a variety of wood species to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your home. Explore the range of products and services offered to enhance your staircase and create a beautiful, durable feature in your home.

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